Zooma med en doktorand - now with the first proposed presentations


Zooma med en doktorand is a new initiative organised by bioresurs in collaboration with the PhD School, to connect high-school students and PhD students at Uppsala University

More info on this initiative can be found here:


We now have this year's presentations shown here:


  • What can genetics say about the lives of the first Scandinavians? (by Julia Koelman)
  • Where do we come from? (by Imke Lankheet)
  • What they do in the dark – slimy algal blooms in Scandinavian brown-water lakes (by Karla Münzner)
  • SAM lyases: a bacteria’s worst nightmare? (by Silvia Triguis)
  • Inga spår av hund i den skandinaviska vargstammen! (by Linnea Smeds)